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Lvl 55 Ranger PvP Build - PvP

Slightly customize (not by much) 55 Ranger PvP build.

Build as Follows:

For low level you will want to grab Tearing Arrow I just for help to level.

Priority as follows: When possible always grab either Razor Wind, Evasive Shot, Evasive Explosion Shot, Blasting Gust, Will of the Wind, and Descending Current.

If not able to grab what is above choose either Bow Skill or Spirit Healing.

Take Charging Wind and Penetrating Wind as last. Penetrating Wind is more geared for PvE such as world boss fights.

Both Kiss of the Wind and Sharp Feather I will not be able to be taken until you max Penetrating Wind. Call from the sky is just fun, and can be useful at times.

Only bother taking Call of the Earth if you really need Accuracy, otherwise it is really never used especially in PvP.


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