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Wizard 101 - PvX

Build Descrpition


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Posted By: Painmage
You should only use this build if you wish to be terrible. It's not good for PVANYTHINGEVER Why you may ask? Ok Where is magical arrow bunch (not same as real name, but using the names here)? How are you gonna finish off people in pvp without it? Frigid Fog? Are you serious? Wasted points Protected Area? HAVE YOU EVER PVPED? When can you cast that crap? If you are a wizard you the the absolute number 1 target on the map. You do not need to protect others, THEY NEED TO PROTECT because the sorcs/plums/tamers are going to dive you non stop until you or they are dead. Bottom line, just pretend this build doesnt exist, its clearly made by a low level theory crafter that has not played any high level GVG stuff or even pirate island level stuff. IGNORE THIS OR PAY FOR A TOTAL RESPEC.