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English Community Guild

Many of you may or may not have heard about a new “reddit” guild in the works. It hasn’t been much of a secret from the get go so many of you are already apart of our newfound group but it's now official! Codex is not exclusively a “reddit” guild but many of our members here helped in it’s creation. You may recognize guild names such as Outcry, Indecisive, White, Sovereign, and many others I am missing at the moment, all of which made this possible and a huge shoutout goes to those folks!

Who is Codex?

Codex is a community of English gamers currently playing Black Desert on the Korean server from multiple guilds and communities. Codex is a guild by the community for the community, we started this guild due to the growing number of players looking for a group to play with as they explore Black Desert but could not find one. If you have played Black Desert you are probably aware that most of the end-game content is pvp-centric and typically you will require a group to be successful in these pvp situations.

What is the goal?

Our goal is to expose as many players as possible to what Black Desert has to offer prior to the EU/NA release; guild quests, node sieges, guild bosses and castle sieges. We know that it takes time and effort to get your equipment up to par to be competitive in these scenarios and we are happy to help how ever we can. We use TeamSpeak as our main form of voice chat, typically you can find the most people online in the evening with most of our members from the states.

How can I join?

If you are interested in joining, simply connect to our TeamSpeak and see if you fit in with the community. We are looking for people who will be active, participate in guild activities and want to experience the end-game content Black Desert offers. The TeamSpeak server is open to the community ts.bdotome.com with no port or password. Even if you are not joining the guild, you are welcome to come hangout and get to know more of the English Community.

What happens after the English Launch?

Right now Codex is comprised of various guilds from both EU and NA, this means when the official English versions of the game are launched we will be going our separate ways. This community will serve as an excellent way for people to not only learn about the game in advance but facilitate finding people to play with, regardless of which region you later decide to play in.

TeamSpeak Info

  • URL: ts.bdotome.com
  • Port: N/A
  • Password: N/A