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BDO Tome will feature a full depth game database to aid you in finding and experiencing every aspect of Black Desert. As we are sure you understand this is a very large undertaking, and as such we have no intention to release it to the public prior to the NA/EU versions of the game are nearing launch. That being said we are currently developing the database structure and preparing for loading the official information once it is made available to the public.

The Tome Database will provide detailed information about all aspects of the game as well as integrate with the Tome Map to provide accurate locations to assist in the location and acquisition of item/knowledge. Our current design will divide the information into several sections, all of which you will be able to search; Items, Equipment, Quests, NPCs, Crafts, Mounts, Pets, Knowledge and Skills.

Much like Black Desert, the Tome site is on on-going project and as the game grows and develops so will BDOTome. It is our goal to provide you the player with the information and resources you need not only to be successful in Black Desert, but to fully enjoy the game.