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List of Contribution Quests by LegacyGG

List of Contribution Quests




  • Bothersome Rabbit 
    • Find the rabbit behind the north stables.



Southeast Section

  • A Happy Ending for Everyone 
    • Talk to an NPC on the NE section. Can turn in later.
  • Moon Pearl  
    • Gather some Moonpearls in the flowerbeds nearby and return to quest giver.
  • Stringy Herb    
    • Gather some Stringy Herbs in the flowerbeds nearby and return to quest giver.
  • Motivated by Envy  
    • Pick up the Fabric nearby the quest giver.  You will click on the fabric near the banquet tables in the Southeast quadrant. Click on the noble woman nearby until the quest is complete.
  • Cleaning a  chimney?  
    • Climb the stairs in the building across the street and hop on roof.  Click on the chimney.


Southwest Section

  • Making Ends Meet. 
    • Grab a chick nearby and give it back to the quest giver.
  • Fine wine for a Banquet.  
    • Pick up a wine barrel nearby and carry it to the banquet tables.
  • Handle the Noble Convoy.  
    • Walking towards the banquet tables you’ll find Guards glowing blue click on them.
  • A Whip and a Carrot.  
    • Click on the banquet tables to grab the food.  You will deliver this in the NW section. Click on the food in your inventory.  Then click on the protesters until quest completes.
  • Defamation is Prohibited.  
    • Walk down the street and to the left.  Click on the glowing blue protester and escort him back to the quest giver.
  • Propaganda in Calpheon. 
    • Pick up the book that is in front of the door.
  • Chirp Chirp. 
    • Go to the farm.  Pick up a sack of chick feed.  Click it in your inventory  and feed the chicken.
  • Unruly Lamb.  
    • Click on the guy next to the NPC to get the Greens, walk up the street next to a lamb.  Click on the greens.  When the lamb gets close, click on the lamb.  Return it  to quest giver.


North Section




  • A Tough Boss to Please.  
    • Pick up a crate and carry it to its destination.
  • Chimney Cleaning.  
    • Climb on roof of building across the street and click on the chimney with black smoke.
  • Trouble at the market.  
    • Grab the kid that is running around  Escort him back to quest giver.
  • Food for the Plantation.  
    • Grab a bag of grain and give it to quest giver.
  • Another Chimney to clean?  
    • Climb on the roof and click on the chimney.