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All About Alchemy Stones by Global


  1. #Introduction
  2. #How to get a stone
  3. #How to repair the stone
  4. #Upgrading the Stone
  5. #All Possible Stones

Quick Resources

Recent Updates

  • Fixed the text to
  • Changed Stone Prefixes to NA/EU Prefixes

ToDo (For me and anyone else)

  • Make it clear that 1 use = 1 Durability loss (As well as that 0 Durability doesn't break stone)
  • Max Durability Increases on Colour Change (Find Durability ammounts)
  • Make how to use the stone clear (I might make a new section for this)
  • Add more data to the EXP sheet, and add the items for Life stone.
  • Update to CBT-1 NA/EU naming and fix Life (Life) to Vitality (Life)


Alchemy stones (mistranslated to Pension seats, and annuity seats) are great because they give a Buff for 3 minutes that can be reused every 3 minutes (There is even an option for the buff to be automatically used every 3 minutes). (They go into the alchemy stone equipment slot)

There are 3 types of Alchemy stone, Offence, Defence and life stones. These stones are separate from each other and you can only equip one at a time, the cooldown is shared between stones.

The best alchemy stone for each of the types are listed below (These stones are in the game but are kind of like a +20 weapon or armour, Balls deep level shit)

A Table of all possible alchemy stones are listed here.

How to get one?

If you aren’t doing alchemy then Auction House.

If you are messing around with alchemy see the following recipie:




How to Obtain

8x Shining Powder

Leftovers from alchemy based stuff?

5x Blood of the Sinner

Made using alchemy (combination here)

6x Powder of Time

Rare gather from workers on Zinc Nodes (And other nodes apparently)

9x Pure Powdered reagent

Made using alchemy (combination here)

9x Clear Liquid Reagent

Made using alchemy (combination here)



(Wild Grass=big Clown Mushroom) (Under plants) (It's just a mistranslation)

The above recipe will yield one of four results (It’s random):


 How to repair the stone

Using alchemy Ingredients as follows, (Any of the “Blood of” and  “Oils of” can be used)

A simple Cost per Point repaired calculator Can be found here (as well as cost per hour of usage)


Material Icon


Repair Amount


Clear Liquid Reagent / Pure powdered reagent

1 Durability


Blood of the Sinner /  Blood of the Clown / Blood Sage  /  Blood of the TyrantBlood of the Phoenix

4 Durability


Oil of Regeneration / Oil of Fortitude / Oil of Depravity / Oil of Placid / Oil of Storm

10 Durability



Once you have the alchemy ingredients open up your inventory and click the alchemy stone button at the bottom of the inventory screen:

This will open the Alchemy Stone menu, by default it will be on the charge menu, then you right click your alchemy stone (Will go into the bottom slot) and then right click the materials (Will go into the top slot after you select how many you want to put in)

then hit charge. (Take note that when you hit charge the stone will consume however much ingredients in the top slot that is needed to repair the stone to full durability) (E.g stone is at 91/100 durability, and you put 100 Blood of the sinner into the top slot, it will use 3 blood of the sinners and give the rest back to you)


Upgrading the stone

You can feed your stone materials to give it EXP. What you can feed it depends on what stone you have The following table shows the type of materials that can be fed to the stone.

A List of items that can give EXP can be found here with their exp values stated.






Purple (Offence)

Ores / Quartz

Jewels (Ruby, Emerald)

Processed (Ore/ Jewels

Green (Life)


Grains (Wheat, potatoes etc.)

Crops (Anything from crops)

Orange (Defence)



Processed Wood/Sap




To feed your stone materials open up the alchemy stone menu

and go to Experience tab and put your alchemy stone in the bottom slot and the materials in the top slot (If the material isn’t highlighted in your inventory when you put the stone into the bottom slot in the Experience tab that means it can’t be used to give your stone experience)

Once the stones exp is between 80% and 150% you can attempt to upgrade it using a weapon blackstone (The higher the percentage the better chances you have at upgrade it. But you need to have a certain Alchemy level to attempt an upgrade on a certain stone Grade: (As Follows)


Level required for an upgrade attempt


Apprentice  Lv.1


Apprentice Lv.1


Experienced Lv.1


Professional Lv.1


Artisan Lv.1


Master Lv.1


Degree  Lv.1


Once you have the exp % at a desired level you can use a blackstone to upgrade it from the upgrade tab in the alchemy stone menu.

There are 4 things that will happen

  1. Rating rise

  2. Grade rise

  3. Rating rise and Grade rise

  4. Failure

Rarity(Colour):    General(White) > Magic(Green) > Rare(Blue) > Unique(Orange)

Grade:     Incomplete > Rough > Refined > Sturdy > Sharp > Resplendent > Fancy > Shiny

Failure:    Lose half of the stones EXP

Something to note would be when you succeed in upgrading the stone it is fully repaired. As well as Rating rise increases the Maximum Durability of the stone.

When attempting to upgrade at Resplendent and above if you fail there is a chance that you will destroy your alchemy stone.


All the possible stones

Table showing the possible alchemy stones (Column shows the stone type, Row the grade, and then the coloured text indicates the lines that are added with rating)m

(When talking about life stone  “Cook/Alch Time” refers to the reduction in time they take  and “Process Rate” Refers to the success rate of processing) (If it has question marks inven doesn’t have the stone on it so I’m just guessing what the stones stats are)

Special thanks to Inven where most the item images are from as well as having an amazing resource, As well as special thanks to Koto who has a wonderful alchemy recipe list which has images as well as links to inven.