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Fast Leveling by Hawkz

Black Desert Fast Leveling Guide.


1 - 50 takes about 10 -15 hours under geared. If you have +7 weapon with +5 or higher armor, it'll probably take less. (6 -10 hours)  Black spirit gives quests to kill bosses, which generally give around 40-60% EXP at their level ranges. He will have you kill various mobs first, so make sure you complete the Black Spirit quests.


Level Objective / Monster type / Location / Additional Information

    • 1 - 15 Quest. You want to do quests until you get the 'Big fish small pond' quest to get your donkey mount. Prettyself explanatory. The quests will inevitably take you toVelia town and the surrounding fields. You canchoose to carry on with or without the donkey. Personally,I choose to take a quick break to capture a horse, whichmakes the running between grinding spots faster.                                             

    • 15 - 20 Scarecrows | Moreti Plantation - SouthEast of Hidel. Grind,grind and more grind. There are a few areas of the fieldthat you can group 5-6 and kill them with relativeease.                                                                 

    • 20 - 24 Alrund Rebels | Alrund Castle South of Hidel. You wantto AOE grind these. The arrow in the picture points to thebest spawn location. There's a good 15+ mobs tocontinuously AOE grind on. Leveling here will be prettyquick.                                                                 

    • 24 - 28 Blood Monastary Fanatics | Directly south of Glyshi town. You canget some pretty decent pulls here. 10-15 mobs at a time.Just do a continuous circle around the plaza, grouping themup and killing them.                                                                                                                                                

    • 28 - 32 Red Orcs | West of Glyshi Town. This spotis a bit painful, but it's still the fastest way tolevel up. At level 31, if you do the 'Find lost catsquest' it leads into a boss summon quest that willlevel you from 31-32. BRING POTIONS.

    • 32 - 36 Kuruto Mobs | Kuruto Cave - NorthEast of Calpheon. Go insidethe cave. There are three main pulls. First is on the rockfloor, which is slanted. Second is a group in the water,further inward. Third is passed that, a collection of mobsnear a wooden ramp.                                                                                                    

    • 36 - 39 Possessed Humans | Kapras Cave - Northeast of Calpheon The cave is relatively small. Take a few minutes to explore possible rooms to pull. It won't take you long to figure it out.:p                                                                                                                           

    • 39 - 40 Gynt Hill Trolls | Gynt Hill - Northwest of Calpheon. All theway up where the actual node is. There is two nice, bigpulls with a good 5-10 mobs. They're pretty big, and give a ton of EXP. More than Kapras cave but less than Chimeras.                                                                                                                                            

    • 40 - 44 Chimeras | Southeast of Calpheon. Directly west of Keplan Town. This is where it starts getting fun. Very, very nice EXP here. Find the ravine, and kill the two groups there, then head up the hill and kill the two groups up there. Then back down to the ravine you go.                                                                                                        

    • 44 - 46 Giants | Primal Giant Post; south of Keplan Town. You wantto stick to the two really good spawns right near the node.One inside the cave, and the other right outside.                                                                                              

    • 46 - 50 Manysha Spearman | Manysha Forest - Southwest of Calpheon                  They're all over the place in Manysha forest, but the best spawn is up on top of the hill,    near a stone cave.There's about 15-20 there, and then another 10 down the hill.                                                          

    • 50 - 52 Link Dead will update this later                                                                                                      Catfish                                                                                                                                           

    • 52 - 53 Will update link ASAP                                                                                               Helm Station