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Surviving in the Desert by Cur

Desert Survival 101

Welcome to the Black Desert expansion, Valencia. This area is where the game gets its name, it is a vast desert with outlying rocky ravines, oases and cities. 

While the contents of the Black Desert remain a mystery, the basic survival skills needed to discover the area are very important. This guide will serve to help new travelers as they wander the desert in search of fame and fortune. 

When you enter the desert area during the day you can gain a debuff that acts like a dot (heat exhaustion), slowly eating away at your health until you die. You can heal through it, including using healing abilities on horseback. More efficiently you can remove it by drinking Purified Water. This is made by thinning river water. You will need bottles (from the Tool Merchants). You can visit any standing water area on the map to collect enough water (right click the bottle while standing in the water) before heading out into the desert. Once you have water in a bottle, click the craft icon, click thinning, and craft away until you have enough.

When night falls that’s when the real danger begins. Dangerous mobs can spawn around you and the cold desert night can cause hypothermia. In order to combat these conditions you can craft and purchase the following items:

Tents: These can be placed in the desert to give shelter from the elements. These can be purchased from the stable hand. 
Octagonal Tea: This is used when away from your tent to keep warm and prevent hypothermia.

To craft Octagonal Tea you need 1 Purified Water and 1 Octagonal (a flower). The flower was recently introduced and can be harvested at Pohalem Farm west of Valencia Town as well as Shakatu village in the north by north western area of the new zone. (Thanks GeneYiss) Look for a medium sized plant with a Korean name in the farm area. Simplified Cooking is used to craft the tea once you have the ingredients. 
That’s it for now. After spending hours getting the info we’re about to embark on a cartography mission in the desert!