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Camel Taming by Cur

Oh boy. This one took a bit of work, thanks to all the Korean players for the leads and my TS mates for putting up with my swearing!

Here’s how you get a camel. more importantly, here’s how the Imperial Obedience (Taming) Seals work.

  • You must have a horse of any tier level 26 or higher.
  • The Tier of this horse determines the seals given, ex Tier 4 is 4 seals.
  • You will be exchanging that horse for Imperial Taming Seals at any Stable Master in the world (as well as silver worth 1/2 the minimum price of the horse, an example my Tier 2 was worth 88,000 silver).
  • These are used to purchase the following items:

2 Imperial Taming Seals: Enchanted horsepower felling axe
6 Imperial Taming Seals: the top luxury wagon wheel rake
6 Imperial Taming Seals: plenty of bow fishing boat
12 Imperial Taming Seals: Black Essence - viper

Most importantly, 5 of them can be traded for a camel at any town in Valencia. You will see the exchange option at the Stable Master.

Now it’s time to get drunk and ride a camel. 

UPDATE: The Camel eats Dry Thorns as found by Sujieun on reddit. Thanks! If anyone knows if they are grown, cultivated let me know. [?IMG]

Thanks to ?? [Greipel], Toaster, Alaraen and Kinto for the help!