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Small Compendium of Sorc Gearing by Jackisasperg

This information is relevant to the Korean patch

I have been asking around a lot lately as to what gear to use on my Sorceress, and have noticed a lot of other people doing the same.

I've decided to compile what I've learned into one location to hopefully help people out so the number of posts on the subject are cut down. I will update as I learn new things as best I can.

Note that all info in here is not based on numbers, and instead the opinions of various (Rather experienced) people I've spoken to in game, and other members of Reddit. I AM BY NO MEANS AN EXPERT IN THIS SUBJECT. Do not take this as gospel but rather as a guide to what others think. Discussion in the comments is encouraged.



After much discussion with a few people in game, I have come to the conclusion that the purple (Neil) set is generally considered amongst the Koreans of Calpheon to be the best set for MOST classes, Sorceress included. This is simply because of the two slots in each piece allowing for flexibility. This comes with the caveat of being expensive to kit out. Hebe is also an option, but I could not find much of a reason to use Hebe over Neil besides the lower weight. You get more hp, but you lose damage and you can not craft the pieces which makes it even more expensive.

The (Much cheaper) alternative to Neil seems to be Agerian. This view is supported by ChunChun here on reddit, and I personally like the set even though I have swapped to Neil at least temporarily to try it out. It gives a lot of attack/cast speed and some other nice bonuses like health and speed. It also weighs less than Neil, which is nice. The 'hybrid' bonuses cater to Sorc better than the majority of other classes.


Since the nerfing of flat race damage, there has been a lot of confusion over the choice of weapons. Liverto/Liberto is reportedly considered best in slot for any class, preferably with a Creatine offhand. This is extremely expensive. Creatine mainhand with the offhand would potentially be second best but is not commonly used, and would require two expensive gems to be considered worthwhile.

For a cheaper option, the majority of people I spoke to agree that, especially since the nerfing of evasion, the Herrick (Accuracy) offhand is typically enough accuracy to get by. This goes for both pve and pvp. This leaves your mainhand slot open for damage, which most people fill with either Yuria for the humanoid damage and high base damage, or Bares, which has lower base damage but bonus damage to all races.

I was told most Koreans on Calpheon simply use Yuria, which is flat out best in slot for PVP (disregarding Liverto), and that Bares was not as good for PVE either since it has lower base damage, but this is contradicted by a lesser number of people who swear Bares runs better for them in PVE.

It is important to note the majority of late game grind locations consist of humanoid monsters, making Yuria in fact better than Bares in these locations due to the higher base damage. This difference in damage increases as upgrades increase.

If you only want one weapon and you want to PVP, get Yuria. Otherwise, you could honestly pick for yourself and I doubt there will be a huge difference.


Majority consensus is full damage accessories. Bar Les for cheap, or the blue +5s if you can afford them. I was also told it may be a good idea to get some accuracy accessories prepared, particularly a belt and maybe another piece, but prioritise damage. There may also be a few rental pieces which would be nice but I am really not sure. If you find any, please let us know in the comments.


Sorcs prioritise casting speed (Attack speed for melee sorcs) and critical chance, followed by the lesser used cast/attack speed. Helmet, gloves and weapon sockets should go towards these stats. Other pieces are generally up to you, though a popular option seems to be endurance on boots for more dodges. I have also seen a few sorcs with massive health pools, which leads me to believe health sockets are at least a viable option.

Also of note are gems to increase resistance to status effects such as knockdowns. These are incredibly useful in pvp and provide another advantage to double socket gear (Purple, Hebe) as opposed to Agerian.


Longleaf Tree Sentry Post (Above Cyclops) - Nelydormin - 4 damage necklace with +10 hp/mp - equal damage to base Bar Les with additional hp/mp

Behr Town - Indri - 2 damage earrings with +10 hp/mp - same as above