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Guild Name:NoRemorse
VoIP Type:Teamspeak
VoIP Server:noremorse-gaming.com

NoRemorse is a gaming community currently looking for players that are interested in playing Black Desert Online on both NA and EU servers. We are a friendly bunch, accepting people that are willing to learn the game as well as help others do the same.

Overall Details

  • No Drama!
  • Mature Behavior
  • 2-Week Contracts
  • Daily Pay is determined by Activity Points (AP)
  • Must take part in Guild Missions
    • Missions will increase your AP = More Pay
    • We currently take large missions
    • Gathering
      • Crude Stone/Refined Stone (requires 1600-1800 gathered)
      • Logs/Useful Timber (requires 1600-1800 gathered)
      • Fishing (10 Yellow Rarity Fish)
      • Gathered materials are kept by the player and can be donated to building Siege Towers (mentioned below)
    • Suppression
      • Killing Mobs across Calpheon and Media (requires 6000-7000 mobs)
      • Lvl. 50+ is recommended to assist
  • Guild Bosses will be available to those who participate in missions, more missions = more bosses
  • Any personal time away from the game longer than 3 days must be made known to an officer via forum post or other communication
  • After 2 weeks of inactivity, you will be purged from the guild to make room for other players
    • If you come back later on, you will be accepted back, however we do appreciate dedication
  • No Powerleveling will be provided unless you meet the following criteria:
    • At least one Lvl.50+ character
    • 150 Energy
    • 125 Contribution

PvX Content

  • Players should contribute their gathered resources from missions to construct Siege Towers on a weekly basis
  • Players should help newbies understand the game and it's mechanics
  • Players should try to attend weekly Region/Node Sieges that we take part in
  • Players should attend active War Declarations
    • Practices may occur with Allied Guilds at scheduled times
  • Players are encouraged to practice fighting in Arena
    • Structured practice may be requested and organized by members
      • Free-for-alls
      • Group/Team Battles
    • Understand your opposing classes and how to best defeat them
  • Always improve your gear!


  • Mandatory to be on Teamspeak at all times while in-game
    • We have specific channels for all your activies and needs!
    • This helps leaders in the guild to count available members for missions
  • Players are encouraged to be social and make themselves known
  • Talking is not required
    • If you are going to talk, Push-to-Talk is mandatory
  • Listening is required during guild events i.e. Guild Sieges, Guild Bosses, etc


Site: http://noremorse-gaming.com

Teamspeak: noremorse-gaming.com


If you are interested in joining, please hop on our teamspeak and poke an officer to get started!