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Guild Name:Support
Leader:Zemi (Beta)
Level Req:50+
VoIP Type:Teamspeak

Support is a PvP guild from all over the world. We have members from USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, and Korea. This means we have members online at all times! We do Territory Sieges, Node Wars, GvG, Guild Quests, and More!

BDO History:

Support has been around since day 1 of OBT, originally starting off as a small group of friends we quickly grew into one of the strongest premier English speaking guilds on the KR servers. We have a proven track record on the KR servers that have given us many English first titles. Our notable achievements consist of being the first English guild to own Territories, first to own a Valencia guild house, and first to own Elephants. We have also successfully taken over nodes in both Calpheon region and Media Region, and members of one of the strongest alliances on the KR servers.


-We are looking to recruit serious PvPers only. You must WANT to pvp, WANT to do sieges, and understand that PvE is necessary to PvP.

-Attendance at sieges. You must be able to attend siege every week. If you miss siege without an excuse you will be removed from the guild barring a valid reason.

-TeamSpeak is Required. You don't need a mic, but you need to at least be able to hear :)

-We will require level 50+ after the second week of launch to join. That being said, we are recruiting BEFORE launch of NA. You can contact one of the officers via stream, here on this forum, or check us out at bdosupport.enjin.com (Functional but Under Construction)

- All members that were in and decided to take a break till NA, feel free to hop on TS if you want to rejoin for NA, we'll get you setup on the website etc. <3

-Have fun. At the end of the day we are here to have fun, we enjoy PvP in all it's aspects and thus everyone needs to have fun, if not..what's the point?

If you are interested in joining Support, to be part of something great feel free to contact any of our officers below! Feel free to also contact any members in Support and they can direct you to the proper person :)

TheGhost (GM) Zemi (Officer) Nomormercy (Officer) Valthier (Officer)


Feel free to also check out one of our many streams on twitch! Just look for the Support tag!