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Guild Name:Xien Kings
Level Req:5
VoIP Type:Mumble
VoIP Server:cstarvalley.noip.me

Welcome to the Xien Kings Guild, This was formed back in 2008 on mabinogi and has grown to a much larger Guild that focuses on fun and Helping others.

Xien Kings the name was picked from a Guild wars NPC called Xien, There a very interesting npc.

How to Join-

Join our steam community group, I will have options ingame when BDO Launchs, I hope people will enjoy This guild, I have had lots of fun managing and growing this guild for other games and I'm looking forward to bringing it to BDO.

I will also be starting a offical website once the BDO alpha starts, so if you don't like steam or steam groups that's ok :D

--Guild Live Streams--

I will be doing daily live streams and videos of BDO if you like to watch gameplay feel free to watch our group for announcements on Live streams.