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Guild Name:Hounds of Hell
VoIP Type:Teamspeak

About Us

Hounds of Hell is a guild from ArcheAge founded upon the motto "Conflict, Community, Commerce." We are a hardcore PVX and crafting guild with the objective of developing a challenging, rewarding, and community focused environment. We are seeking mature, active players who who want to have fun while accomplishing grand objectives.


The Hounds of Hell Vision: To redefine gaming excellence

Vision for BlackDesert: To become a top tier PVP and crafting guild that is capable of sieging and taking over an enemy castle.



Hounds of Hell is looking to be on the forefront of PvP operating under the policies "Red is dead."



Hounds of Hell understands that membership is the life and blood of our organization. Without our members, we would never able to accomplish any of our objectives and we certainly would not have a great time. Hounds of Hell has set out to foster an environment where players can develop meaningful relationships and ultimately, enjoy themselves while they play the game. Hounds of Hell operates under the philosophy of "What can Hounds of Hell do for you?" and we seek active players to help bring about this philosophy.



Hounds of Hell seeks to build an self-sufficient, efficient, and effective economic empire that is both successful and sustainable.

Guild Policies

General Policies

  • Members will be held responsible for their actions.

  • Members must have a positive attitude and friendly personality.

  • Members must have a mature sense of humor.

  • Members must act as ambassadors of Hounds of Hell at all times.

  • Members must respect their fellow guild mates. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

  • Members are expected to utilize TeamSpeak at all times while in the game.

  • Members are expected to not use exploits, cheats, or hacks.


Activity Policies

• Attend 2 official events per week.

• Actively play at least every 3 days.

• Log onto the forums at least every 4 days.