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Guild Name:RAGE
Level Req:All levels welcome
VoIP Type:Teamspeak
VoIP Server:We use Discord. Visit our website and look for us.


Who are we??

We are a group of players that are going to take advantage of the fact that we can play in the Korean servers. We will learn as much as we can before the game releases NA, and once it does, we Rise to the top right away, and aim for the top as a guild! We will do anything and everything to be strong in Black Desert, whether it requires PKing everyone, PVP, stealing etc. A really important aspect of the game is guild warring and participating and guild events such as quests so this is going to be a lot of our Focus. Grind. We want to aim for the top! Morals dont phase us. We Do what we have to do to rise to the top.


  • Respect your guildies
  • Having Teamspeak 3 is required. Talking is not a requirement, just be able to hear.
  • Must be in teamspeak during guild quests/raids/bosses/guild wars.
  • No cheating and hacking, if there even are any. If you are caught doing so you will be kicked from the guild and reported by the guild itself.
  • Participating in guild quests will be necessary, as this is what gives the guild money+gives you a paycheck, its a + for everyone
  • Leveling is encouraged, If you are care bearing you will be kicked.
  • Most importantly, have fun
  • Teamspeak:ts50.bargainvoice.com:8002
  • Password:h1z1
  • We are ruthless. Remember that. We're not trying to be "respected" we want to be Feared.

Join us on our Teamspeak If you're interested in joining.