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The “Tome Streamers” program aims to cater to high quality streamers focused on Black Desert Online. A list of streamers will be added to a bespoke system so when they go live on twitch, they will automatically be hosted on the Tome Twitch Channel. This system will ensure that streamers have access to the widest possible audience and viewers have the greatest variety available to them.

To be eligible for the Tome Streaming program you must have a high quality stream as well as direct people to the BDOTome website for game related information/links and have a Tome image on their twitch page. Participation is this program is voluntary and the streamer may leave it at any time. Additionally BDOTome will provide Tome streamers with early access keys as possible based on availability. Streamers interested in participating in the Tome Stream Program can apply via the link below, acceptance is done on a case by case basis.

To be eligible for the Tome Streaming program the following criteria must be meet:

  • High quality stream
  • Use of BDOTome guides and links to help new players
  • Use of BDOTome logo

Tome Streamers will be free to stream at any time, hosting is provided on a first come, first serve basis, hosting duration will be based on the number of Tome Streamers currently in the stream que. The official Tome Staff Streams will be on a set schedule and will take priority over the Tome Streamers program.

Viewers of the BlackDesertTome Twitch page will accrue Stream Tokens on an hourly basis for watching the channel, these tokens will be used as entry for giveaways including but not limited to Access Keys and Cash Shop Items. This program will begin the first day of Alpha testing and will carry on through launch.

Apply to be a Tome Streamer

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