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English Patch

Haven't installed Black Desert yet? Click here to check out our install guide!

The BDOTome English patch was based of LokiReborns work producing the first BDO English Patch. We have since taken over production of the community English patch, and hope that all English reading players on the Korean servers find it useful.

This patch works by replacing the text found in the language data tables, we do not modify any of the action files or in anyway change how the game operates mechanically. We do not offer support for modified versions of our patch or of other patches. We recommend you remove all other patchers and delete their software prior to running ours. If you need additional assistance with installation or run into an error please follow the steps below.

Installation instructions:

  1. Remove any English Patches you have installed currently.
  2. Uninstall any English Patcher Software you have installed, fully.
  3. Download the BDOTome App.
  4. Run the installer to completion.
  5. Make sure your game client is up to date (Log in, run the game until you reach the main game menu)
  6. Close the game client fully.
  7. Run the BDOTome App as admin.
  8. Click “Install/Update”
  9. Once the update is complete you will receive a confirmation window.
  10. You may now launch the game however you like.
To update your patch please follow steps 5-11 listed above.

If you experience trouble with our patch.

  1. Open your game folder and go to the Log folder.
  2. Example: C:\Daum Games\Black Desert\Log
  3. Open the latest "Client" File.
  4. Take the last 20 line and copy paste them to www.pastebin.com
  5. Save the pastbin and provide the link as well as a description on our forums in the support section.

*Note Chrome will warn you that the patcher is not normally downloaded and could be dangerous. This is because the link is a new executable. Until Google has crawled the website and seen sufficient traffic this warning will persist. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to use our contact form to reach us.

Note, you are welcome to link this page to who ever you want but do not copy the contents and provide them offsite.

click to download the BDO English Patch