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Desert Buddy

Desert Buddy is the second in the Tome line of applications. With the Tome Buddy you will be able to find any location in the game based on in-game coordinates. Simply download the app and start it up. You will be able to select your destination, add your own custom destinations and quickly update your current location by pressing the print screen button in game. We have also included option to reduce the size of the program window, delete your current screenshots to save space and pin the program so it is always on top of other windows.


  1. Pin Desert Buddy to always be on top of other windows.
  2. Shrink Desert Buddy to save screen space.
  3. Delete all Black Desert screenshots to save space.
  4. The arrow will point to the direction of your destination.
  5. Display your current location in game. Update this by pressing print screen in game.
  6. Display your destination coordinates, which is automatically added when you load the preset location.
  7. Load any of the preset destinations.
  8. Text based directions on how to reach your destination.
  9. Change the directory Desert Buddy checks for Black Desert screenshots.
  10. Manually update your directions instead of using the print screen button in game.
  11. Add, Delete, and Modify the preset locations.

click to download the BDO Desert Buddy